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Argh!! I hate cliffhangers!! Is Kuon cheating?? Sakuraga-sensei, please let this series end without getting Nanao's heart broken! Onegai!!

Nanao-san, you're so adorable (and bold)!!

Just saw on Mangaupdates, Houbunsha through Boys Capi! is releasing the continuation of Nanao and Kuon's love story! Don't know the details just yet. Anyone who knows when it will be released, please tell me!

Yay! Can't wait!!

Don't post our releases to any manga-hosting site WITHOUT our permission. And please, LEARN TO GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT'S DUE. Don't just go around using the rendered images from our translated chapters like you made it yourself. 

Pissed off.

Mujihi na Anata Chapter 5 - Kuon Aikawa

Kuon smiled!! Gosh, my heart is melting! 

Sunao ja Nai Kedo 3 English Download Link

Can be found here -->   http://rabbitteam.livejournal.com/32697.html

And this picture is to celebrate our release!

uki-chan is sooo seductive!

***Picture from Sakuraga's official site***

Sunao ja Nai Kedo 3 in Mangafox!

It's now out in Mangafox! For the download link, we just have to wait for a few more days, or probably tomorrow.

When you get the download link, please don't upload it in other manga hosting site without telling us. Honestly, I'm pissed off with our previous JR chapters uploaded without our knowing. 

Anyways, enjoy the translated chapter! Don't forget to buy the original!

Sunao ja Nai Kedo 3

Finally, done. I hope we can put it by tomorrow on Mangafox and release the download link right after.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Kousaka is mean!! I have a hunch he'll end up with Hajime-san with his (Kousaka's) trip to the infirmary.. 

I hope we can post SJNK3 on Monday. *fingers crossed!* And before we do, I'll post these photos -- pages from I don't know which manga/magazine.

Kuon and Nanao-san! きゃあ!

Young Shinonome and his sisters, young Yuki-chan with Hajime-san!

I swear to myself, when I visit Japan, I'll buy Sakuraga's mangas as many as I can!! Learning Japanese will come right after. Haha!

**Photos are not mine. All came from a Japanese fan's blog site.**